As a homeowner, you understand how important it is to treat your home like a castle. That not only involves taking care of it yourself but also extends to hiring contractors, tradespeople, and other workers whom you are certain will treat your home with respect and do an excellent job of whatever their task might be, from painting your walls to fixing your roof to installing or repairing your gutters. Check out our testimonials and decide for yourself

As a resident of British Columbia, we are privileged to enjoy an extra layer of protection when it comes to hiring companies that will get the job done right, whether the job involves a quick visit to your home or is a days-long task that will make a bit of a dent in your budget. It’s an organization known as WorkSafeBC, a provincial agency dedicated to promoting safe and healthy workplaces across B.C.

Who is WorkSafeBC?

WorkSafeBC is an agency that partners with both businesses and the people they employ to teach what is necessary to help prevent injuries, disease, and disability on the job. In other words, WorkSafeBC teaches workers to be safe, just as its title implies.

By working with more than 250,000 registered employers and in excess of 2.3 million workers, WorkSafeBC is able to spread the word about workplace injuries and illnesses throughout the province. Besides educating member companies and their employees on prevention of workplace incidents, the agency also offers compensation and support for injured workers and no-fault insurance to protect employers and workers. The latter provides peace of mind for workers and their families and for employers as well. They also partner with area healthcare providers to ensure workers get the treatment they need to resume their normal routines and get back to work in a timely manner.

How does this benefit me, the consumer?

Because WorkSafeBC-insured companies are encouraged to strive for core values such as integrity, accountability, and innovation, those same companies have proven to be businesses that are more invested in providing good working conditions for their employees who are, in turn, happier with their jobs and eager to offer customers a quality end product in a more timely manner, no matter their trade.

Furthermore, WorkSafeBC plays a pro-active role in creating and maintaining safe work environments, which benefits you, the consumer. Some of the ways they do this include:

  • Providing health and safety information to employers, workers, and the general public
  • Establishing standards and guidelines for occupational health and safety
  • Educating employers, supervisors, and workers on prevention of work-related injury and illness.
  • Conducting work site inspections to help employers comply with health and safety regulations.
  • Collaborating with provincial and federal agencies and ministries on matters of occupational health and safety
  • Providing access to prevention resources for workers and employers


Why choose us?

Advantage Gutters is proud to be a WorkPlaceBC-insured company. We’ve chosen this route because the safety and well-being of our employees is paramount as is the satisfaction of our customers. We know that when our workers like their job and are satisfied with the parameters surrounding their employment, including their health and safety, they are able to better concentrate on honing their skills and pleasing you, our clients.

Thanks to solid, ongoing training, our employees are always lauded for their professional manner and timely work. It’s not unusual for our customers to recommend us to others, thanks to the expertise our employees bring to their work. It’s always a job well-done, and in the rare instance that something falls through the cracks, we fix it immediately.

If you are in need of new or replacement gutters or have issues that warrant repair of your current gutter system, call the WorkPlaceBC-insured experts at Advantage Gutter for a consultation or price estimate. You’ll find that what all our customers are saying is true: we’re the local gutter experts whose craftsmanship and customer service are both top-notch. You won’t be disappointed!