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Gutters that become obstructed from fallen debris, leaves, and bird’s nests can quickly become a liability. The guttering can actually start pulling away from the fascia, and may even come right off. Overflowing gutters create backup and can eventually create water damage. Regular cleaning is one of the best ways to avoid this.

It is very risky for a homeowner to attempt to clean their own gutters, especially if it’s a two-level house. You’ll need either a very long ladder (which then puts you at risk of a fall injury) or you can do it from your rooftop, which is equally dangerous.

By hiring a professional company to clean your gutters, you eliminate risk and you get the job done right.Our workers have the experience and equipment to safely clean your gutter and downpipe system.

Our workers are all covered by Workers Compensation Board.

Elder Man On Ladder Cleaning Gutter Leaves in Autumn


If you are in a heavily-treed area or are in in close proximity to trees, you will need to have your gutters cleaned twice per year. If you are on vacant land with no trees, you only need to clean them once a year.

Advantage Gutters has the proper equipment, training and expertise to do the job right. While they are onsite, they will give you tips and advice on how to improve your gutters’ overall performance.

Helping homeowners protect their greatest investment.

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