With the warmth coming to the Lower Mainland, Spring rituals are underway – air conditioners are coming out of Winter storage, annual cleaning is just beginning within your home and residential gutters are on the list of outdoor preparation. We can feel the excitement of tackling projects within the interior and exterior of your home.

The exterior of your home, particularly with residential gutters, is an area of opportunity and cleaning focus. Regular cleaning is crucial to maintaining functional gutters, ones that will withstand the test of time. A gutter that is clogged with sticks, leaves and debris may cause water damage or a leaky roof, as well as potential infestations. Cleaning your gutters is important to starting Spring right!


Here are 6 Spring cleaning tips for home owners – with a focus on your residential gutters


1. Make a plan (with some help of course) 

First and foremost, you should never clean your gutters alone. Making a detailed plan – by checking weather forecasts, gathering supplies and lining up support within your home – is essential to cleaning your residential gutters. If you would like support from professionals to get the cleanest residential gutters of your dreams, learn more here. If support from a professional is not an option for you this season, be sure to have someone who can support you while you embark on your cleaning adventure.


2. Take a look at the trees around your home 

Trees shed seasonally, annually or continuously throughout the year, so it is important to understand the kinds of trees you have around your home. This may mean that there are seeds, pollen and leaves in your gutters; by being aware of the trees surrounding, you will understand what lies ahead. It will also help to prepare any tools you need to have on-hand.


3. Speaking of trees…

…trim the trees around your home. Ideally, this can be done in the Winter, but you can still trim them back now to prevent them from dropping any sort of debris above (like the aforementioned seeds and pollen). Having a plethora of trees that are around your home will only lead a great deal of work down the road. By trimming them back, you can help you avoid this debris.


4. Check the downspouts before cleaning your residential gutters 

Before you go ahead and actually embark on cleaning your gutters, check the downspouts and splash blocks around your home. Inspecting these areas will ensure you can address anything that is blocked or damaged. Replace or repair after examining so your home is ready for clean gutters.


5. Consider the tools you will use 

Most people use a power or pressure washer for cleaning gutters, though consider an option being a garden hose and a pistol-grip trigger. You can use this to hang from the gutter while you and your trusty companion is moving the ladder. Here is an option that you can look for. These pistol-drip triggers helps to clean debris precisely and easily,


6. Check out the roof for any signs of wear and tear 

If you have shingles on your roof, they can get damaged in the Winter months. They can become weak with algae or other sticky debris. If your home has a metal roof, look for any identified signs of rust.

If you have the ability, take a look at the roof to determine if additional work needs to be done; and of course, consult with the professionals for a safe and secure residential gutter cleaning option.


With the warm weather of the Spring comes time to tackle tasks, both indoor and outdoor. Cleaning your gutters can be the most daunting of tasks, as it takes not only time, but precision. Before embarking on this adventure, be sure to have support along the way. You have the option to consult a professional, like Advantage Gutters, or you can take the task on with yourself and a supported family member. Whatever the case might be for your Spring, be sure to take this on with safety at the forefront.