When selecting methods to protect your home from rain, there are many gutter and accessory options to consider. An ornamental, beautiful addition to consider are rain chains – though there are important considerations to make before embarking on this selection.

What are rain chains?

Rain chains, a historical feature of Japanese architecture, are an alternative to traditional downspouts. This architecture takes inspiration from the organic, natural world as a reminder that the rain falls from the sky onto our physical roof in the form of a celebration.

Instead of flowing downward, the way that traditional downspouts do, water runs visibly down a chain in an aesthetically pleasing way. They come in the form of simple links of metal, for example, and it generally decorative in nature.


What are the pros and cons of rain chains?

While aesthetically pleasing, rain chains are not made for every homeowner or location. There are important pros and cons to consider.


Pros of rain chains for your home…

  • These can be less expensive than gutters, meaning it can be a great option for your pocket book
  • They are beautiful and traditional in nature, making it a compelling option for a traditional and modern homes
  • The sound of running water may be appealing to some home owners!


Cons of rain chains for your home…

  • Rain chains are far less sturdy than traditional metal downspouts
  • Overall, they handle less capacity of rain water than a traditional downspout
  • They can be less effective in high winds, due to the instability of the chains


Should you consider installing these in Vancouver?

Rain chains are aesthetically pleasing, though it is important to remember that we live in the Coastal Temperate Rainforest and we receive an impressive amount of rainfall every single year!

Because of this, choosing this as an option might not be the most appropriate choice for you and your home. Rain chains work to move the water away from your foundations, but they do not help you to prevent erosion. Preventing erosion, of course, is one of the primary purposes of having a gutter system.

Traditional rain chains do have a small pot or basin to help handle the water that comes through the chain; however, this pot or basin could be quickly overwhelmed, especially in a Vancouver storm.

Overall, your selected gutter or rain chain should always work to remove rain away from your home. If rain chains are not right for you, consider alternatives like copper gutters, steel gutters, zinc gutters or more.

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