Gutter Styles

Colonial Gutters

5″ Colonial Gutter (5K/Ogee). The most common and best choice for residential applications. Wide bottoms allow for a large opening to the downpipe. This style has been available for over 40 years and is the most widely used, therefore can easily be matched for partial replacements, unlike some styles which have been discontinued. The ogee shape gives this gutter the strongest configuration and the 5″ wide opening offers good accessibility for easy cleaning. Available in a wide variety of materials including aluminum, steel and copper.

5” Colonial

5” Colonial (5K/Ogee) is the most common style of gutter for residential use. Its wide bottom accommodates a large flush mount outlet and its curved shape makes it both functional and strong. It is available in regular or heavy gauge aluminum or steel.

6” Colonial

6” Colonial is primarily used for commercial, industrial or institutional buildings or on large roofs such as barns.  It is available in heavy gauge aluminum or steel.

Fascia Gutters

Super 5 is best suited as a fascia gutter but can be used in all applications. It has the greater depth of regular fascia gutter but has a wider bottom allowing for the same advantages of a 5″ Colonial gutter. It’s high capacity makes it a great replacement for older narrow fascia gutter styles such as box bottom or flat face. Available in .025″ regular gauge aluminum, 24 gauge or 26 gauge steel. Our newest style is Super Crown. It has all the benefits of the Super 5 gutter with the additional benefit of a unique crown molding profile.

Fascia gutters are generally used where the builder has not installed a fascia board over the sub-fascia. The greater depth allows the gutter to cover the 2 x 4″ subfascia and soffit J-Trim for a clean look. They can also be used on a larger fascia board if the style is preferred.

They are available in .025″ regular gauge aluminum in Two Step, Crown and Flat Face styles.

Super 5 Fascia

Super 5 is a fascia gutter, which has a greater depth than the 5” Colonial, while still maintaining the wide bottom and curved shape. This is an excellent gutter choice for renovations that currently have Colonial gutter, as its greater depth allows it to be sloped effectively without exposing any paint lines on the fascia board from the old gutter position. It can also be used where there is no fascia board over the sub fascia, as its depth is great enough to cover the sub fascia and soffit trim. It is available in regular gauge aluminum or steel.

Super Crown Fascia

Super Crown is our newest gutter style, it has all the benefits of the Super 5 gutter with an appealing crown molding detail. It is available in regular gauge aluminum.

Euro Half Round

Euro gutters are available in Copper, Zinc, and Coated Steel.

Custom Bent Gutters

We can custom bend gutter in a variety of materials to fit any application where a standard gutter size or shape is not suitable to your needs.

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