While the warm Summer weather is upon us, it can be difficult to think about the Fall months around your home; however, as we are spending more time indoors and around our local area, take this as an opportunity to identify what you will need to do to prepare your home for the Fall. If you have a single family detached home, you will need to place extra attention on preparation and inspection for the cooler months ahead, particularly your Vancouver gutters.

Cleaning and repairing your gutters at this time of the year is so important to ensure they are clean and unclogged ahead of the rain and snow that will inevitably come later in 2020. But who wants to think about that now? That’s why we’ve put together a quick 6-step guide to preparing your home for the cooler months ahead.

Here are 6 steps you can take to prepare your Vancouver gutters for the Fall and Winter months ahead


1. Clean all of the gutters in your home safely and thoroughly 

One of the most popular reasons why our clients choose to work with us for residential gutters is because cleaning can be a true headache if you do not have the correct equipment. Climbing up ladders to remove debris can be overwhelming for some, but is the most important (and first) step in cleaning your Vancouver gutters. Give them a high pressure spray down and be sure to get all of the debris out of your way. Don’t put your hose away just yet!


2. Inspect for any natural damage 

Once your gutters are clean, this is the time to take a look for any damages that have occurred over the last few months. This could be wear and tear, loose screws, or leaks along the way. Inspecting for damages at least once per year can help to avoid any larger repair projects in the future, saving you both time and money in the long-run.


3. Fix anything that is needed to be repaired 

Following step 2, repairs may be needed. Take care of these repairs, big or small, before you proceed. If you find yourself stuck, email us here. There may be large fixes that need to be remedied immediately, to protect your investment in the future, or some small DIY repairs that you can take on through step 3.


4. Trim any trees or remove any branches that are nearby

As the trees lose their leaves in the Fall and the snow arrives in the Winter, natural debris can accumulate and go directly into your troughs – yikes. Because of this, it is important to trim anything near your home that could potentially cause debris or damage as the weather gets cooler. Make sure you inspect all areas of your home before moving onto step 5 in the process.


5. Consider installing gutter guards

If you are taking these steps every Summer (which you should!) consider installing gutter guards. Gutter guards are placed to go over your troughs to protect them from the leaves and any other debris, but has pinpoints that are still wide enough for water to flow through. This can help to reduce the amount of natural debris that can build up over time. You can get gutter guards from stores like Home Depot, and best of all, they can ship right to your home.


6. If the above sounds too overwhelming – don’t hesitate to call the professionals. 

During this process, you may find damages, or you might not be comfortable getting on a ladder to perform steps one and two. That’s perfectly OK! If you feel like you are not a DIY individual who can take a project like this on, it’s time to call the professionals. Safety needs to be your number one focus when it comes to cleaning your gutters, especially when climbing ladders, inspecting your roof and trimming the trees around your home.

With Advantage Gutters, we help both residential owners and businesses protect their greatest real estate investment – their home or building. You can contact us to receive a free, no-obligation quote to determine which option is the best for you, or check out our FAQ here to help answer some of those burning questions we are sure you have!