Located in BC’s Lower Mainland region, the City of Langley is thriving. With a trade area population of 275,000 and close proximity to the major City of Vancouver, Langley is buzzing with new construction, including single family homes and town homes. With this new construction, it is important to ensure that all new Langley gutters are sourced and considered thoughtfully. So, how do you choose the right gutters?

How To Choose The Right Langley Gutters for New Construction


There is so much to think about when choosing new gutters. From material to cost, performance and quality, you want to ensure that the Langley gutters you choose have lasting performance. As a critical component of a drainage system, gutters are prone to wear over time; this is why you need to select an option that has longevity.

There are many options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular gutters on the market today.

AluminumThis is the most popular material for gutters, as it is lightweight, resistant and available in a very wide variety of colours. Aluminum can also be the least expensive option for home owners.

Steel. These gutters are available with a coating of aluminum and zinc, but can be more expensive than others.

Galvanized Steel. This option is coated with a layer of zinc, which makes it very strong – however, it can be prone to rust over time.

Zinc. Zinc gutters are very strong and very durable, and generally do not need painting or finishing.

Copper. You may have seen copper gutters in large, upscale homes as it brings an impressive level of allure to a home.

Most designers and installers prefer aluminum gutters, as they provide the most optimal combination of affordability and durability.


What about Langley gutter designs?

When in the market for gutters, design is also important – almost as important as the material! Below are the most popular types of designs to choose from.

K-Style gutters are the most popular in North America. These gutters have a shape that is similar to crown molding.

Fascia gutters have a smooth face that hide the edges of rafter tails.

Half round gutters have an open construction, with this open side facing the roof. Note that it can be more prone to clogging with debris.

European style gutters are half round gutters that are made from materials that weather naturally, for example, copper.


While rain gutters may not sound like the most glamorous purchase, they do handle an extremely critical task – that of routing water runoff from your roof. This purpose ensures that your house remains dry, protecting all of your windows, doors and foundations.

The most popular kind of gutters are seamless in nature, and it is important to be aware of your budget, home style and your overall need when deciding which system to install in your home. Once installed, be sure to wash, repaint, repair and remove all debris regularly, at least once per year. Here are cleaning tips for a new home in a recent blog.

To learn more about how to select gutters for your new home, or to get professional opinions on how to choose the materials and styles that is best for your home or residential project, contact us here.