A gutter is a gutter, right? They all catch the rain and do what’s necessary to protect property from damage.

While that certainly is an accurate description of the function of a gutter, commercial gutters and residential gutters are actually quite different from one another. While one might find similarities in the materials from which they’re made, the styles and sizes of commercial gutters – as well as their overall design – often differ from the ones you’d place on your home.

Materials for commercial gutters

The keyword for commercial gutters is durability. Because purchase and installation can be a bit pricey at the start, you’ll want to shop for gutters that are long-lasting and won’t demand the need for frequent repairs or replacement once they are in place. As such, those who sell quality commercial gutters – like Advantage Gutters – offer only options that they know will be durable.

Galvanized steel or heavy aluminum are the most popular choices for commercial gutter materials. Both can last for decades. Deciding which to choose might come down to the weight of the gutters. Steel is heavier, of course, and must be installed properly so that it doesn’t pull away from the building. Nonetheless, it is indeed right for some applications.

Aluminum is lighter weight and is also more resistant to rust. It’s the right choice for a number of commercial applications and can be purchased in different “gauges” or thicknesses according to need.

Both steel and aluminum can be painted (before installation) in a color of the buyer’s choice and can be coated with a sealant that reduces corrosion caused by age and weather conditions.

Commercial gutter styles

Not all gutters look the same. The most popular styles for commercial gutters are:

  • K-style – Used for residences but also suitable for some commercial buildings, K-style gutters have flat bottoms and backs and usually some decorative shape that makes them look like crown molding. That’s why this type is so popular for residences. Because they are the most common, mass-manufactured style, they tend to be the least expensive option. They are less likely to bend with force as well but can be harder to clean than other types that are more rounded.
  • Box gutters – This type of gutter is a frequent choice for large buildings that have high water run-off. They provide more space for water though this gutter style tends to be a little more prone to collecting debris like leaves and twigs. (That can easily be solved by not planting trees near the building or by adding guards.) They are available in a variety of sizes including very large options. It’s easier to clean than the K-style and they offer a more modern look, which matches commercial architecture better than a more ornate style.

Commercial gutter size

If you were to measure the gutters on your home, you’ll likely find that they are 5 inches wide. That’s pretty standard for residential gutters. Commercial gutters tend to be wider, usually at least 6 inches. This is because commercial buildings have a much larger roof area than homes, in most cases, which means that there will be more run-off. As a matter of fact, water volume is probably the most important factor to consider when choosing commercial gutters.

You’ll also notice that downspouts are larger with commercial gutters. They will usually be about 4-inches in size for commercial gutters and only 2 to 3 inches on a residential gutter. Again, this accommodates a higher volume of run-off.


With years of experience in the gutter industry, Advantage Gutters has forged a reputation for its excellent work installing, replacing, or repairing gutters for both residences and businesses. Our experts will take the time to access your job, recommend products that are right for you, and to install them in a timely manner, all while taking into consideration your budget for the job. We also offer 5-year warranties on new installations.

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