When building a new home, or when undergoing a renovation outside of your existing home, your gutters are an important factor to consider. As gutters come in nearly every colour imaginable (and we’ve seen them all!), choosing just one can be a difficult task. Here’s how you can make this decision just a little bit easier, with our guide on how to choose a gutter colour.


Here are 5 steps on how to choose a gutter colour that works best for your home


1. Check to see if there are any rules and regulations that would impact your decision on colour. 

There could be strata or Home Owner Association rules that may impact the colour you choose. While this is generally not the case, it is important to be aware of potential implications prior to investing in new gutters, especially if there are curb appeal standards to uphold.


2. Consider the details of your home’s exterior 

Coordination of the exterior of your home is, of course, essential. It takes into account the finer details of your home, while ensuring consistency in your frame. Look at the roof on your home, while also considering the trim. Generally speaking, you can either match the roof or the trim (it is not essential to match both). Generally speaking, choosing a gutter that aligns with the roof colour is the most popular, as this means the two can blend together.


3. Your budget is, of course, a priority! 

If you are on a budget, be mindful of the cost associated with intricate colours. Generally speaking, off-white and white are basic, factory finish options and may suit your budget in a way that is favourable. Alternatively, if you are looking for something with greater uniqueness and more curb appeal, such as a grey or brown, remember that these decisions can really pay off when it comes to curb appeal in the long run.

Copper gutters, on the other hand, are often the most expensive. If you go down this road, be sure to remember that copper now may not be the same colour as copper in a few years when they patina, Patina is a thin layer that forms on the surface of materials like copper, brass and bronze for example, after long exposure.


4. Consider the ease of maintenance in the long term

Maintenance of our home can be high on the list of importance for single family homeowners. After all, time means a great deal to us! Be aware that light colours, like the aforementioned off-white and white, may show stains and debris, such as mud, grass or excess snow, more-so than darker colours would.


5. Think ahead to your future (potential) renovations 

If you are replacing or re-painting your gutters, who may be thinking of larger renovations in the future. This could extend to the paint colour of your home, a renovate roof, or a tremendous change in your interior colour. Think ahead to your home’s 5-10 year plan. Will you make any significant changes in the near and upcoming future that would impact your colour scheme of your gutters? Before making a significant decision, plan ahead as best as you can.


How to choose a gutter colour that works best for your home can be a challenging decision to make. While gutters can sometimes feel like an accessory of your home, it serves a great and important purpose, especially during the Fall through Spring months.

As you are deciding what your next step is for your gutter journey, consider the tips above to help make your decision. Of course, as you are planning your journey ahead, contact us to consult and learn more about how to select the best option for your home.