If you’re a long-time resident of the Vancouver area or even a homeowner that’s new to the region, you’ve probably recognized the need for a good quality gutter system that includes screens or guards to keep muck out of your gutters. Given our sometimes-unpredictable weather, which can include plenty of rain and wind, it’s important to have a system in place that keeps your gutters from becoming clogged and, as a result, putting your home in danger of water damage due to such clogs.

As such, it’s essential to have leaf guards or screens in place and to choose a product that works well and is long lasting. We’ve found that T-Rex® gutters with fully-equipped screening systems have been an ideal choice for many of our clients.

All-around coverage

You might figure that a gutter is a gutter, right? After all, they basically look the same, at least from the vantage point of the average homeowner. And they all serve the same purpose, don’t they?

Well, not exactly. The T-Rex® Continuous Hanger System with its standard leaf guard is truly one of the best options on the market these days.

Why? First of all, with the continuous hanger option, a heavy-duty gutter hanger and fastening system that comes in 7-foot sections, your gutter is strengthened from end to end. Furthermore, it keeps snow out, which means it’s less likely to warp due to constant freezing and thawing. With a continuous hanger system, there are no weak points. As a matter of fact, the company points out that the design allows the gutter to hold the weight of three people!

An equally important aspect of that all-around, 360-degree coverage is the T-Rex® leaf screen, built into the continuous hanger system. This is especially ideal for those who live on heavily wooded properties and other areas where debris tends to gather. And the best part of the built-in leaf guard is that everything is installed at one time. With conventional gutters, you’ll need to add the leaf screen separately and that means more time and more money spent on products and labor. By choosing the T-Rex® system at the start, you’ll save time and money on this all-important investment that protects your home.

The patented Gutter Clean System™ features a perforated aluminum sheet that attaches at the top of the gutters and is invisible from the ground level. That means it in no way compromises the look of your home. You’ll know it’s there keeping out leaves, ice, and snow, but it’ll just look like a regular gutter to everyone else. That means smooth water flow courtesy of a system that can handle huge amounts of rainfall, including up to three times what we receive each year in the Vancouver region. The leaf screen also deflects dripping water and helps avoid rust.

This air-tight defense against leaves, twigs, and other debris also means you can avoid that annual or semi-annual cleaning that becomes necessary when you don’t have a leaf guard. Cleaning the gutters is generally a task homeowners don’t enjoy, which means they either suffer through it or hire a professional to do it. Either way, using the T-Rex® system means you can avoid that unpleasant task.

Installing T-Rex® gutters and leaf screen

While some homeowners choose to install gutters on their own, this ultra-strong system is best installed by professionals like the team at Advantage Gutters. At Advantage, we know gutters inside out and backward, so to speak, and can offer you the knowledge needed to make the best gutter choices for your new or existing home.

We understand that your home is your castle, no matter what its size, and we aim to offer the best custom-designed system for any type of home. We work closely with homeowners and, in the case of new homes, with others involved in the building process to design a gutter system that will do its job, namely, protect your home from the elements and other problems that could result in damage.

For more information on T-Rex® gutter systems and leaf screens or any of the other products we offer, call us at 604-514-9886.