In home development, from ideation to build, it is always in a home owner’s interest to be proactive versus reactive. From installing high efficiency lighting to investing in long-lasting hardwood, there are pieces of a home build that are a short term investment for long term impact. One of these investments are leaf guards.

The benefits of leaf guards are tremendous over time, however, many home owners ask – “Do I need leaf guards for my home?

In this article, we will uncover what leaf guards are and the benefits you will receive when installing them for your home.


What are Leaf Guards?


Leaf guards can help to prevent debris, like leaves and sticks, from accumulating in your residential gutters. These installed guards are much easier to clean than digging into clogged gutters to remove your debris. While it does require occasional maintenance, you will drastically reduce  overall clogging.

The guards are placed on top of your gutters, and may reduce overall cleaning of your gutters throughout the year.


What are the benefits of installing these guards?


1. You will save time and money in the long-term 

As mentioned, leaf guards can prevent overall debris coming into your gutters. You will perform occasional maintenance on the guards themselves, though you will reduce the need to perform frequent deep cleaning throughout the year.


2. Reduce the chances of having infestations within your gutters 

Did you know that insects, squirrels, mice, birds nests and more can find themselves in your gutters over time? Placing leaf guards on your gutters will reduce the chances of your gutters becoming a breeding ground for such animals.


3. Reduce the chances of flooding related to clogged gutters 

We know that one of the risks of clogged gutters can be a chance of flooding related to a lack of maintenance, especially after a significant rain fall or storm. With guards, you can reduce the risks associated with such storms or lack of maintenance.


4. Prevent time-based rust and corrosion 

With the accumulation of leaves, pine needles and other debris in your gutters, moisture can increase the chances of rust and corrosion happening in your gutters. While maintenance throughout the year can reduce this risk, leaf guards are a proactive response to time-based or long-term damage to your gutters.


5. Improving overall water flow 

As home owners, you know when your gutters are not functioning optimally. Water is no longer flowing with purpose through your downspouts due to clogs, and you know you need to take action promptly. With leaf guards, you will reduce the risk of less than ideal water flow.


6. Reduce the risks that are associated with frequent gutter cleaning

Our residential clients choose us here at Advantage Gutters because we are the professionals who can clean your gutters without you needing to step on ladders and perform this manual labour yourself.

The last, but perhaps most important, reason as to why leaf guards are important for your home is to reduce the risks associated with you performing this work between our professional cleaning services. Climbing a ladder to clean your gutters can be exhausting and daunting! Each and every year, there are 164,000 injuries in the United States alone related to climbing ladders. Why increase potential risks to yourself?


Using leaf guards, as we’ve shared, reduces the amount of overall maintenance and cleaning that you will need to do to your gutters. While it will not completely eliminate the need for cleaning, it will most certainly reduce it.

At Advantage Gutters, we provide the T-Rex Leaf Guard System for both standard aluminum and steel gutters. To learn more, view our gutter accessories here.