Gutters are an important part of your home. They may not be as glamorous or attractive as other things on the outside of your home, but they’re essential to protecting it from water damage. We often give them little thought, taking for granted the fact that they are in place and doing what’s necessary to safeguard our home.

But gutters do get clogged or damaged and they do need to be eventually replaced. It often isn’t until that time comes that we pay attention to how gutters function and which are the best option for our home. For many, an ideal choice is the continuous gutter system.

What are continuous gutters?

Continuous gutters, also know as seamless gutters, are the result of decades of improvements in the gutter industry. In many areas of the country, they are the most popular style of gutters these days and they certainly look more sleek and less clunky than seamed or sectional gutters, which come in 10- or 20-foot lengths and appear unsightly and cumbersome once all the pieces are fitted together.

But appearances aside, there are plenty of other benefits of installing continuous gutters.

Why should I consider them?

If you are shopping for gutters, you might notice immediately that continuous gutters cost more than sectional gutters. But don’t let the up front costs fool you. In the long-run, continuous gutters are likely to be way more COST EFFECTIVE than traditional seamed gutters. Here’s why.

  • Continuous gutters are custom-fabricated by an installer who is skilled in making gutters that truly fit your home. That means no guessing game as to whether they are right for your home. Because they are custom made, care has been taken to fit them perfectly.
  • Continuous gutters are made from a heavier weight aluminum than what’s used to make sectional gutters, which are generally made from vinyl or a light-weight aluminum. That makes them more durable from the start, so it’ll be quite some time before they’ll need replacing or even repairs.
  • Continuous gutters are more leak resistant simply because there are fewer places from which they can leak. With the absence of seams every 10 to 20 feet, you don’t have the weak points that you have with sectional gutters. This means rain runoff will make it down to the downspouts rather than spurt out those seams and ruin siding, brick, and other exterior materials.
  • Because these gutter systems are designed and installed by knowledgeable experts like the professionals at Advantage Gutters, you can be sure that the sizing is correct for the amount of rain you’ll need to manage and that the number and placement of downspouts is accurate as well. Properly placed gutters that can handle the rainfall you receive are essential to protecting your home from water damage.
  • You’ll also find that continuous gutters experience fewer clogs. That’s because debris often snags on the seam areas of sectional gutters and water doesn’t flow freely. In other words, this debris can pile up and cause clogs. Conversely, because the inside of continuous gutters are totally smooth, leaves, twigs, and other items don’t have anywhere to get hung up and clogs are fewer. This means you won’t need to be hiring a gutter company to constantly clean your gutters, saving money annually. There’s also less of a likelihood that you’ll need to make repairs due to clogs and other issues.
  • You’ll love the fact that you can have your continuous gutters designed to match your home. Factory-applied color can precisely match your exterior paint or color palette, which gives your home a cohesive look. These gutters can also be adapted to different shapes and angles, which is ideal if you’re house isn’t traditional in shape.
  • In addition, statistics show that continuous gutters are attractive to buyers, so when it’s time to sell your home, you’ll likely realize a larger profit and recoup some of your costs.

Of course, the best way to get the most from your continuous gutters is to have them installed by experienced professionals like the team at Advantage Gutters. With decades of experience in the field, we know the ins and outs of seamless gutters and are eager to talk with you to share our enthusiasm for the product. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call us at 604-514-9886 or get in touch with us via our contact form .