Clogged gutters and and drains can cause a major headache for any home owner. If not taken care of, this can create small scale floods or damage to the exterior of your home. While installing gutters may seem like they can do the trick on their own, even gutters need help every once in a while from leaf traps, frequent cleaning and more.

You can take lead in ensuring that your gutters and drains don’t clog as we move into the Spring of 2021. You may have some residual debris from the Winter, or perhaps you skipped your Fall cleaning. Whatever the case might be, we have the tips you need to prepare your gutters for the seasons ahead.


Here is how you can avoid clogged gutters, drains and more – now and in the future


1. Install leaf traps on your gutters

Leaf traps can reduce the amount of leaves that will make their way through your down sprouts, which will eventually lead into clogged drains.

Here at Advantage Gutters, we install leaf traps that leave the outlet in the gutter without a strainer, which allows small leafs or minimal debris to flush through the down sprout and be filtered by the leaf trap.

They are very easy to empty, and while it will not eliminate the need to cleaning your gutter, it will reduce the number of times per year you need to clean your gutter.

2. Speaking of cleaning your gutters – clean your gutters!

Inspecting your gutters seasonally will not only help to retain the overall look and feel of your home, it will also help to protect your drains and the exterior of your home. While you can clean your gutters seasonally on your own, it will be helpful to hire a professional on an annual basis. Having a professional come in for your residential gutters will help protect your home from the roof down.


3. Trim trees and hedges away from your roof

Leafs, twigs and other tree debris will clog gutters. Heavy winds, ones that we experience time to time here in Vancouver, will transport growth into your gutters. It is essential to prune and trim as best as possible, and as far away as possible, if removal is not an option for your property.


4. Install top of the line gutters

Of course, installing premium gutters will help to keep clogs to a relative minimum. A high grade gutter, such as zinc or copper, will help to maintain overall water flow, filtering debris and overall add to the effectiveness of your investment.


Our Advantage Gutters Recommendation: Install a Leaf Trap This Season

In our tips above, we shared the importance of installing leaf traps. If you perform just one action this season, let this be the one. Using leaf traps can help to reduce the amount of leaves that make their way through the downspouts and can clog the drains.

Here at Advantage Gutters, we install leaf traps and leave the outlet without a strainer. This means that small leaves and debris can flush down the downspout and be filtered, which is important in our Vancouver seasonal weather.

Leaf traps are also very easy to empty, and can be a much safer alternative to getting a ladder to clean your gutters. While this will not eliminate the need to clean your gutters seasonally or annually, it will help to reduce the number of times in a year you will need to perform a thorough clean.


If you are considering adding leaf traps to your gutters, contact us to learn more. We can support in identifying the perfect leaf traps for your home, or help installation this season.